The Hotel Aranceto Holiday Farm in Siracusa has 14 rooms located in different buildings that make up the cottage, all with private bathroom, air conditioning, television, minibar.

Some rooms are located in the old part of the estate and reproduce furniture and the rustic atmosphere of the 19th century; other accommodation consists of independent apartments located within the property; other rooms, finally, are in the most modern part of the structure and offer comfort and tranquillity. All rooms are large, with views of the pool or garden and in the quiet of a large citrus grove, away from the main access road and its bothersome noises. Breakfast is abundant and healthy and is served in a common room in winter and in a shaded area during the summer months.

Restaurant is available for our guests.

Rooms Services

free wi fi
air conditioning 
hair dryer
indipendent entrance
breakfast served in room on request

Our Rooms

All our rooms name are inspirated by greek and roman mithology


camera aretusa b&b siracusa

Daughter of Nereus and Doris. One day while bathing in the waters of the river Alpheus, the god fell in love with her. The girl fled and took refuge in the island of Ortigia and Artemis, to protect her, turned her  into a source. Alpheus sank beneath the ground and flowing under the sea came to the island of Ortigia, stirring its waters with those of Arethusa’s Fountain.


camera cleopatra

Cleopatra VII Tea Filopatore (69 AC. – 30 BC) was the last queen of ancient Egypt and the last member of the Ptolemaic Dynasty. The name Cleopatra in Greek means “glory of the father”. She is probably the most famous of all rulers of ancient Egypt and is known by the name of Cleopatra, though she was the seventh and last queen to have that name. Cleopatra, however, was never in fact the only sovereign of Egypt, having reigned with his father, his brother, his brother-husband and son.



Goddess of hunting, Artemis was depicted with male equipement,  with bow and arrows. She was a sunny and happy goddess,  very different from how she was portrayed by the barbarians of the north. Endimione was the only love of chaste Diana, a love that inner silence and contemplation.



Daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra, sister of Orestes, Chrysothemis, and Iphigenia. After her father’s death at the hands of Aegisthus and Clytemnestra, Electra instigates her brother Orestes to avenge his father. In psychoanalysis, the Electra complex is nothing more than the Oedipus complex in women.


camera b&b aranceto siracusa

Goddess of beauty, love and fertility. She was the wife of Hephaestus, but because he was lame and deformed, Aphrodite had a relationship with Ares, god of war, who bore her three children: Deimos (Terror), Phobos (fear) and Harmony (harmony).



Daughter of Zeus and his foorst wife Metis , Atena was a warrior goddess, protector of craftsmen, weavers and embroiderers. She embodies virtues such as wisdom and the spirit of reason that led to the courage.



Roman god of war and patron of craftsmen. From the point of view of mythology, Minerva is the Roman consideration of the Greek goddess Athena.


camera_ Dafne:b&b Siracusa

Mountain nymph and daughter of the river Peneus, priestess loved by Leucippus and the god Apollo. The myth of Daphne was performed many times in art by Romanelli, Giorgione, Bernini.



Daughter of Zeus and Leda, she was considered the most beautiful woman in the world, as well as cause of the Trojan War, of such beauty that the Trojans also recognized in her face  an immortal soul. Zeus seduced Leda in the guise of a swan, and legend has it that Elena was born from an egg.


She was daughter of Phorcys and Ceto and legend has it that Poseidon fell in love with her ​​and took her in the temple of Athena. The goddess was offended and turned the girl’s hair into snakes and gave  her eyes the power to transform into stone anyone who looked.



She was born in Rome in 25; just fifteen she was forced by the Emperor Caligula, his cousin, to marry his mother’s cousin, Claudius and she had two children. After the death of Caligula, she and her husband Claudio were elected emperors  and killed the murderers of Caligula.